The art and science of creating health in Hartsville, South Carolina.

The art and science of creating health in Hartsville, South Carolina.

If you are a woman experiencing symptoms of change in your hormones, you are not alone. You can regain your youthful hormonal balance, banish brain fog, experience a surge in your energy, and lose the pounds you haven't been able to shake off, so you can feel your best. Wellness is a process, so take the first step.
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Years ago, when I envisioned The Wellness Boutique, it was my goal to create something different. Our focus here is on creating a healthy lifestyle, promoting wellness, and individualized care, by offering a unique approach to women's health issues, and applying the principles of functional medicine which looks at root causes of chronic diseases which affect women. Does this sound like what you are looking for? Take a look at my blog, subscribe to my email newsletter, or consider joining my functional collaborative, and take advantage of an interactive learning experience, online, or in a local group setting.


Since my residency program at Emory in Atlanta, I developed a special interest in obstetrics. As a student and resident, I always thought that our training program was head and shoulders above the oth...

Women’s Issues

Women in the childbearing years often suffer from adrenal stress, and undernutrition. We often know, even before any detailed testing is done, that at least 75% of women eating a standard American die...

Bio-identical hormones

When hormonal imbalance and chronic stress lead to a dysfunctional transition to menopause, the expert application of bioidentical hormones can give relief of these very distressing symptoms. There is...

Functional Medicine

Our functional medicine appointments are now being offered through NextPhaseMD, which is the private consultation practice of Dr. Michelle Quaye, MD. This is a new practice which will operate as a sep...

Latest Blog Posts

Wellness is a process. It doesn't happen overnight, but rather results from deliberate efforts to create the conditions needed for attaining an optimal state of health.

Rock Your Cortisol and Dance with Your Stress

"7 Ways to Rock Cortisol and Manage Your Stress", is a remarkable, uplifting and conversational talk given by prominent functional medicine gynecologist, Dr. Sara Gottfried, in 2013 to Naropa Univer...

How to build a better baby

Pregnancy is an important time to re-evaluate your diet and nutrient intake. When morning sickness strikes, we often fall back on comfort foods, which may not be so healthy. This presents some challen...
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