About Wellness Boutique

Contact information: 
For appointments call 843-639-6012
Fax: 877-767-2691
Mailing address: We do not receive any mail at the street address.
Please address all correspondence to PO Box 1763, Hartsville, SC 29551. 

The Wellness Boutique is the gynecology practice of Dr. Michelle Quaye, MD. Established in 2012, the boutique practice is the expression of Dr. Quaye’s desire to practice individualized medicine. This quaint space is located in the heart of downtown, in a renovated vintage brick building, where you get the feeling you’re not in a doctor’s office at all. When you enter the waiting area, you are met by the scents of sandalwood, lavender essential oils, from our all natural aromatherapy soaps and personal care products. Inside, the ambiance is warm and inviting. We stream our favorite uplifting music throughout the day. We see a wide range of patients, including general obstetrics and gynecology, using a functional medicine approach. Dr. Quaye’s philosophy of practice has an emphasis on enhancing health through nutritional support, and lifestyle modification. Patient care is individualized considering the needs and desires of the patient. We specialize in hormonal balance, and uncovering and treating the underlying drivers of chronic disease, rather than simply masking the symptoms. After seeing Dr. Quaye, many patients comment that they never actually fully understood their health concerns until someone took time to explain things.