Our functional medicine appointments are now being offered through NextPhaseMD, which is the private consultation practice of Dr. Michelle Quaye, MD. This is a new practice which will operate as a separate entity from the Wellness Boutique. Visits will be available online, by phone and/or in person. If you are interested in becoming a functional medicine patient, or you would like to learn about what we have to offer, please use the contact box provided, so that we can contact you individually with information about our intake forms, fee schedule and policies. Due to the very different way that functional medicine is done, the histories are more in depth, the visits and health coaching sessions generally take longer, and therefore it is virtually impossible to do this type of practice in an insurance environment. However, for patients who have unresolved issues, and complex issues which have not successfully been addressed with a pharmaceutical approach, this type of practice offers an alternative approach, which tends to be more holistic, patient centered rather than disease centered, and takes into account individuality and unique circumstances of the patient client. If you are not sure what functional medicine is, and want more information, you may wish to see more information at The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).