New patient clients in our office practice generally fall into one of three categories as follows:

1) NEW OB (current pregnancy related care),

2) NEW GYN (adult women’s health, hormonal and female reproductive issues), or

3) NEW Functional Medicine. This is important for the purposes of the new patient registration process, scheduling the proper appointment type, and referring to the correct practice fee schedule and policies.


Please let our office staff know that you are currently pregnant, and are seeking to register for prenatal care as a new OB patient. You may download the new patient registration forms directly from our website, or come in to our office location to register for prenatal care. Please bring a copy of your picture ID, and insurance cards.


This patient appointment type applies to adult females who are currently not pregnant. When requesting a new patient appointment, please indicate the type of appointment you are requesting, either an annual preventive visit (often a covered service with commercial insurers), or a problem assessment. It is important for our staff to know which appointment type you are requesting, so that we may allow the proper amount of time in the schedule. Annual preventive visits are generally more brief in nature, and are focused on determining the appropriate medical screening for your age, and risk factors. Problem visits are generally more time consuming, and the insurance billing is completely different. In general, scheduling does not allow for a complete problem assessment to occur at an annual screening visit. Also, insurance generally sees the two occurrences as a separate entity. Whether a problem assessment occurs separately or on the same day as an annual preventive visit, they are billed separately. Please keep this in mind when scheduling, that additional time to evaluate problems may require scheduling a return visit, and that your commercial insurance deductibles will apply if they have not been met when billing for a problem evaluation.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE If you are a female patient interested in a health consultation evaluation¬†involving functional medicine, please let the staff know when you contact our office. There is currently a waiting list for these appointments. Our functional medicine practice is growing and transitioning from being offered as a 100% insurance based practice to a consulting practice. These appointments involve becoming a member of Dr. Michelle Quaye’s functional medicine consulting practice. We are currently using a lengthy paper intake form which is completed by the patient, but we are in the process of adopting an online questionnaire service, which will process the history intake online, process all payments of fees, and allow prospective patients to choose a consultation appointment from the available time slots. We are in transition with this aspect of the practice, so that we will have greater efficiency in processing your new patient scheduling requests. For the time being, we will take all of your information, reply to you by email, and after your intake forms and consents have been completed, the doctor will contact you regarding a consultation.

Currently, you may either call our office, or contact us directly through the contact box located on this site, and we will email you more information, including our medical information history questionnaires, information about our consulting fee schedule, and available services.